With the advent of CBD prerolls, people can get health benefits without messing with their heads or mood. There are various ways to consume CBD products as CBD comes in different forms like gummies, oils, topicals, and CBD prerolls which can either be smoked or vaped.

CBD pre-rolls are pure and organic with the promise of a relaxing feeling without getting you high. CBD pre-rolled gives fast and quick relief because they go straight into the bloodstream. It is easier to absorb CBD pre-rolls into the bloodstream within minutes of use than any other means of using CBD products.

Our CBD Prerolls

At The Real Stuff, we have a variety of CBD pre-rolls that have been carefully packaged and blended to give the best taste and flavor for your enjoyment. Our CBD pre-rolls are made from natural and organic herbs and hemp because the THC content is less than 0.3%. At The Real Stuff, our pre-rolls have quality like;

Organic Hemp Paper

Our hemps are natural and organic. The use of organic papers to roll our joints and CBD herbs is the choice we have made to deliver the best quality hemps to our customers. Our CBD hemp solitos are natural and organic.

Additives Free

At The Real Stuff, all our CBD hemps are natural and void of additives and preservatives. We know that herbs have natural healing components, and we do not tamper with the healing components by adding another substance; therefore, watering down its healing potentials and properties. At The Real stuff, we use the cannabis Sativa plant for the best CBD hemp rolls.

Naturally Grown

Our CBD herbs are naturally grown, as you do not need to spray herbicides while growing CBD flowers. At The Real Stuff, we know that spraying pesticides on the herbs could be detrimental to their growth; as such, we avoid pesticides and herbicides and ensure that our herbs are naturally grown.

CBD Hemp Cigarette Solitos

At The Real Stuff, we use only the best raw materials and hemps for our CBD Hemp Cigarette Solitos. Each stick of cigarettes is sealed for freshness until the users use them. We have all the goodness of cigars and the taste and smell of weed, but it isn't. It retains the taste and smell of pot to make it attractive to users trying to get over tobacco smoking addiction.

Our pack of cigarettes is sealed for freshness and flavor from our factory in San Diego, California, and sold across the United States; there is the promise of originality and class to give you the exact smoke you want as well as enjoying the perks of CBD blends.

Our CBD pre-rolls are a blend of original herbs and mixes with the promise of a sorting relief as well as the joy derived from smoking.

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